Alliance Sensors Group

Alliance Sensors Group, a division of H. G. Schaevitz LLC, offers linear and rotary position sensors for many different industrial measurement applications. We focus on OEMs, industrial automation, power generation, military/ aerospace, test labs, and special manufacturing processes. Our standard product line features LVIT linear position sensors, along with LVDTs, rotary sensors, and sensor support electronics. In addition to our standard products, we can design and build custom position sensors to meet your specifications.

Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors

LVIT - Hydraulic Cylinder Position Sensors

LVIT Position Sensors

H. G. Schaevitz offers many different configurations of LVIT inductive position sensors for type of applications.

LVDT Position Sensors

The PG series LVDTs were designed with feedback from power generation engineers and incorporate features such as a core that cannot break loose because it is totally encapsulated in a large diameter rod along with a housing having an extra thick wall for the sensor’s protection. They are much improved replacements on steam turbines for GE half-bridge-style LVRTs and Westinghouse LVDTs. The LA-25 and LA-27 series LVDTs were designed for heavy industrial use such as in steel, aluminum, and paper mills, as well as in power plants, and offer several cable and connector termination options. LA series LVDTs can be also offered in dual- and triple-redundant packages for the power generation industry.

LVDT Gauging Probes

Alliance Sensors Group offer position sensors specifically designed for automation gauging applications. Sensors for roller position robotic gauging applications and cylinder positioning.

Linear Potentiometer Position Sensors

Alliance Sensors Group offer Linear Position Potentiometers. Sensors for roller position robotic gauging applications and cylinder positioning.

Sensor Signal Conditioning & Instrumentation

The S1A/S2A power-generation and SC-100/SC-200 industrial LVDT signal conditioners were designed for ease of set-up with push button calibration and can be used with most traditional LVDTs and RVDTs, half-bridge sensors, and GE gas turbine buck-boost LVDTs. Each signal conditioner offers 4 excitation frequencies, 8 analog DC and current outputs, and are DIN-Rail mountable. The M-100 meter allows the user to display the output in engineering locally while still re-transmitting the analog signal to a control system.

The thermocouple/RTD scanner with 8, 16, 24, or 32 channels is perfect for any multi-point temperature measurement application and our single and 8 channel Type K amplifiers are a cost effective solution for many different applications.