DEWESoft® is a best in class provider of data measurement devices. What distinguishes our approach is the human element. While most companies design tools starting with the device and ending with the user experience, we take the opposite approach. We reverse engineer our products, starting with the experience that our users require. We then construct the hardware and software around the outcome of delivering the fastest, most efficient, most intuitive user experience possible. We don’t just manufacture machines; we engineer moments that elevate your businesses’ understanding of a particular learning outcome.


Dewesoft software is the Swiss army knife of measurement. It can acquire data from almost any kind of data source. All sources can be acquired together at the same time with all data being perfectly synchronized, even at different sampling rates.

Measurement Hardware

We build the SIRIUS® line of instruments for one purpose only – measure any kind of signal, anywhere, in any environment with flexibility, precision and ease of use you have been dreaming of.

SIRIUS® offers endless configuration possibilities: from 4-channel 200 KS/ch distributed USB solutions to high speed 128 channel standalone solutions with internal PC and display.

SIRIUS® waterproof

Do you have to perform measurement in extreme environments? SIRIUS and SBOX waterproof are advanced DAQ instruments, rugged and IP67 rated and work flawlessly in most harsh environments and can easily withstand snow, water, mud, dust, shocks and can even be submerged under water.

DEWE-43 / DS-43A

Small and versatile

Weighting just over 0.5 Kg and sizing ~22.3 x 7.82 x 4.50 cm (~8.78 x 3.08 x 1.77 in), you can hold the DEWE-43 in one hand, and yet inside this small, rugged box beats the heart of a giant.

It's got eight dynamic analog inputs, each one backed up with a 24-bit AD converter for simultaneous sampling at the highest resolution. The inputs are "universal" type, which can handle strain gages and voltages up to +/-10V natively ... Use our tiny DSI adapters and convert any of them to a different input type, including IEPE accelerometer inputs, 200V inputs, RTD's and thermocouples (see inputs section for details).

The DEWE-43 is the ideal solution for demanding dynamic data acquisition applications, when you need something with stellar specifications, and yet with a small and budget friendly footprint.

Build quality

Is it rugged? You bet! We carefully design our instruments and CNC each one out of a solid block of aluminum. This way, the instrument is not only tough, but also light for maximum portability.

Only Dewesoft builds instruments this way.


KRYPTON DAQ modules are engineered precisely to withstand all conditions and operate flawlessly in cold places, hot places, dust, mud, water and snow. KRYPTONs are shock proof, vibration proof, milled out of full block of aluminium and filled with rubber making them fully water-proof.